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Standards in Action: Building a Climate-Resilient Future

As the impacts of extreme weather hit home across Canada, governments are turning an unprecedented level of attention to climate change. Since 2016, through our federally funded Standards to Support Resilience in Infrastructure Program, SCC has been leading the development of standards and guidance to help businesses and communities respond. From flood risk assessment frameworks to standards for fire resilient planning, we are delivering practical, made-in-Canada tools that will help strengthen buildings and infrastructure against extreme weather.

The program will sunset in March 2021, but there is much more to do. To shape the next iteration of our work, we are now reaching out to key stakeholders from across Canada to gather input on your priorities, to shape the future of the program.

By having your say, you are also helping guide the development of Canada’s future infrastructure. It’s your chance to set the priorities and influence decisions that will determine where effort is most needed for the greatest impact. That’s what SCC’s Infrastructure and the Environment Program is all about. See below for all Open Engagements and participate now to have your voice heard. Be sure to sign up for updates on projects and more chances to participate.

About Us

SCC is a federal Crown corporation responsible for promoting standardization in Canada reporting to Parliament through the Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada.  Our mission involves working with our stakeholders and customers to promote efficient and effective standardization that strengthens Canada’s competitiveness and well-being. Learn more about the Standards Council of Canada.

Through the creation of the Standards to Support Resilience in Infrastructure Program, SCC is spearheading the creation of tools – including guidance documents, best practice documents, and standards – to promote engineering design and maintenance approaches that will integrate these anticipated shifts in climate. Incorporating climate change into these key tools is critical for strengthening Canada’s climate resiliency.  Once in place, these tools to incorporate climate change will be important to maintain infrastructure reliability and service life in the decades ahead. With this new guidance, new approaches for climate resilience will support a broad set of needs, from safeguarding buildings from changing wind, rain and snow loads to guidance on taking practical steps necessary to help homeowners manage flood risks. Find out more about SCC’s Infrastructure and the Environment Program from our Interim Report.

Identifying Priorities for a Climate-Resilient Future

Weigh in on which climate actions are most pressing and the tools that will have the most impact.

Pulse Poll

SCC’s major surveys on Adaptation, Mitigation, and Sustainability are now closed. We’ll share what we’ve heard here in the next few months. In the meantime, we invite you to complete the quick pulse poll.